Colorado State Faculty Advisors Share Educator of the Year Honors

The Educator of the Year Award, one of the highest honors awarded by the MCAA student chapter program, went to two chapter faculty advisors this year—Dr. Mostafa Khattab and Prof. Dennis Pettitt of Colorado State University, a first for the program. The award was announced at the Annual Awards Breakfast during MCAA 2017 in San Diego, CA.

The Educator of the Year Award acknowledges a faculty advisor’s commitment to a student chapter as demonstrated by his/her mentoring, assistance and guidance with planning events and meetings, coaching the chapter’s competition team, organizing travel for chapter members to MCAA conferences and the convention and recruiting new members for the chapter. Most important, the awardee is acknowledged for his/her efforts in finding internship and employment opportunities with MCAA members for student chapter members.

Although the Career Development Committee received nominations for this award for several deserving faculty advisors, they were moved and impressed by the nomination for Dr. Khattab and Prof. Pettitt. The following summary says it all:

“There is not a more deserving group of facility advisors than Dr. Khattab and Dennis Pettitt. Together they form such a unique and ardent team. They truly have made us feel as if we can accomplish anything in the industry with a little hard work, persistence, character, and respect. These men are the best the industry has produced and such great representations of the mechanical industry. I know that they have inspired not only me but many more to persuade careers in mechanical construction.  Many schools around the country have one great facility advisor that supports them and teaches them to grow, here at Colorado State we are blessed to have two. Each adding to the student chapter, each adding to our future careers, and each adding to our character. Two is truly better than one.”

Congratulations to two well-deserving educators whose efforts are changing students’ lives for the better every day.