Faculty → Internship = Grant

Internships are not just for students anymore! MCAA, with support from the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF), has made available a Faculty Internship Grant for Mechanical-Electric-Plumbing faculty who obtain an internship with an MCAA member company.

The grant is intended to enrich the practical experience of faculty who teach M-E-P courses.  The benefits that result include:

  • A stronger relationship between industry and academia;
  • Improved classroom experience for students;
  • Increased faculty awareness of opportunities available for internships, coops and full-time positions which may encourage students to seek careers with our industry;
  • Opportunity for faculty to learn emerging technologies, trends and industry best practices; and
  • Provides MCAA members with technical, research, project management or other assistance if current employee resources are not available.

Acquiring the grant is easy.  Faculty find their internship, send in the grant request and the check comes to them, not their employer.  MCERF has made available $20,000 for this grant, and the Career Development Committee, which administers the program, will determine the individual grant amounts.  The deadline for requests is June 1, 2017. Information about the grants is available on the MCERF website. Send the application to the attention of Ann Mattheis by email, fax 301-990-9690 or regular mail (MCAA, 1385 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850).

Questions?  Contact Ann at the above email address or at 800-556-3653.