Get a Job…Get a Gift Card!

MCAA student chapter members who land an internship or a full-time position with MCAA members during the GreatFutures Forum (September 28-30, Indianapolis, IN) will receive a $500 gift card.

A Career Fair—the centerpiece of the Forum (previously known as the Student Chapter Summit)—will make it easy for students to meet potential employers, learn more about their business and the industry and assess the opportunities offered.  Featured in the Fair will be MCAA members who are in the construction, service or plumbing business and manufacturer/suppliers who provide equipment, supplies, services, technical devices and software to our industry. Each exhibiting company will have a booth for display of their information, employment application forms and space to meet students and discuss their career plans.

We’re also making available an interview area for the length of the conference where students can discuss the details of a job or internship offer with potential employers. With the student’s acceptance of an offer comes the icing on the cake…a $500 gift card.

The Career Fair is just the beginning of this exciting conference. Educational sessions—including the announcement of the 2017-2018 MCAA Student Chapter Competition—roundtable discussions on industry topics, an evening at the NCAA Hall of Champions and the always challenging and fun annual mini competition will give students a chance to learn more about mechanical, mechanical service and plumbing contracting and the companies that are part of our industry.

More conference details will be coming soon, but make sure you and your chapter don’t miss this exciting opportunity.

Questions? Contact Ann Mattheis.